Points to consider before you rent a bike in Vizag

Bike Rental Services in Vizag

Vishakhapatnam, popularly known as Vizag, is the dream holiday destination in India for tourists. Vizag has been embellished with both modern as well ancient worlds and is surrounded by its old heritage and rich culture. It is the most loving destination for environmental enthusiasts, pilgrims, and nature and animal lovers. To explore Vizag, a convenient transportation mode is to ride a two-wheeler. This is a cherished pleasure for enthusiasts who like to travel by bike. We provide bike rental services to our customers to explore Vizag’s beauty at competitive prices. Here are a few points to consider before renting a bike in Vizag and experiencing its heritage and culture without getting stuck in traffic for long.

  • A driving license is a must

One must be aware of the fact that renting a bike is illegal if you do not possess a valid driving license. A two-wheeler driving license is essential for driving with us not only for legal reasons but also for your safety. You need to carry your driving license if you are riding a two-wheeler, especially a bike on Indian roads.

If you are renting a bike in India, then you need to consider this point as the most essential. In India, two-wheelers having number plates with black text and white backgrounds are not allowed for commercial purposes. Therefore, you always need to remember to rent a two-wheeler having registration numbers indicated in yellow colour with black backgrounds. Some foreign tourists also prefer renting two-wheelers to explore the city. For this, they need to carry International Drivers Permit or International Driving Licenses if they want to drive two-wheelers in Vizag.

Aditionally carry you aadhar card for safety.

  • Select bikes based on your ability

Your safety is our topmost priority. That is why you should pick a two-wheeler for rent so that you can handle it smoothly. This ensures the safe driving of our customers with no risks of accidents. You should not get attracted by the speedy and stylish two-wheelers and only rent a two-wheeler that gives you pleasure.

  • Ensures full inspection of your selected bikes

Before renting a two-wheeler, one must check its tyres, brakes, engine, lights, and instrument panel to escape from any damage. We provide the latest bikes for renting to ensure our customers that the bikes they are selecting are in good driving condition. Customers also double-check the condition of the bikes before renting them. Customers are recommended to take a video of the vehicle to capture existing damages/scratches/dents.

  • Safe payments

People consider this as the most essential point before renting a bike to explore the city. We have tied our services with the most dependable payment partners to accept your payments. We also ensure you that your payment remains safe and your personal details remain secure from getting breached by cybercriminals.

  • Protective gear before riding a bike

People find it easy to explore new places by renting bikes without getting stuck in traffic. They need to give priority to their safety by wearing protective gear before riding a two-wheeler. We ensure that our customers wear protective gear while driving as well as their protective gear is in good driving condition.

  • Avoiding fine

Every company has a set of rules and customers end up paying fines when they do not follow them knowingly and unknowingly. Ensure you read all terms and conditions before you take a bike for rent in Vizag.


Ever Green Travels or EGT ensures a memorable and enjoyable ride for its customers in Vizag by providing the best bike rental services in Vizag. Our customers also enjoy freebies as we are giving a free helmet to our renters to ensure their optimal safety. We provide RTA-approved bikes to our customers in Vizag that are registered under the state abiding by all the guidelines such as pollution control and valid registration.


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