The 9 Motorcycle Riding Mistakes You Should Avoid

Motorcycle Riding

A motorcycle has been used by tourists for the pleasure to explore new places. But some people consider it as a toy and put their lives in danger. Not only driving a motorcycle at a fast pace is risky but also, they put others’ lives at stake by doing so. To avoid such mistakes and enjoy your trip freely, you should avoid 9 motorcycle mistakes by knowing their repercussions.

  • Over-packing of travel items

Packing is a difficult task for every person to decide which item is essential for them during their travel. It is necessary to keep your travel needs in mind as well as your chosen place of the tour. The reason behind this is that if you overload your bike with your travel items, then there is a risk of bike imbalance on the roads. We can assist you in packing your travel items and also suggest you the amount of load you can take.

  • Not wearing proper driving gears

This has been evidenced that some people do not consider protective gear safe for their lives. Due to this reason, they do not wear them while riding on a motorcycle. Some people also give excuses for not wearing safety protective gear like a helmet because it does not fit on their head correctly. It has been witnessed that some bike riders do not wear helmets for their pleasure and style. This is one of the motorcycle mistakes that people must consider for their safety as well as for others’ safety as well. To combat this situation, we give freebies like a helmet to our bike riders and ensure their optimum safety while renting a bike.

  • Lack of knowledge about motorcycles

Renting and driving motorcycles without having proper knowledge of how to ride them is an invitation to severe accidents. Such accidents may result in the loss of your life as it is a dangerous activity to drive any vehicle without knowing it. Therefore, we ensure a full inspection of our bikes that help our customers to double-check whether the selected bike is in good driving condition or not before renting them.

  • Not using lights of motorcycles for indications

If you are not using the lights of bikes for indications, then you are putting your life as well as others’ life in danger. We check our rental bikes and also serviced them from time to time to prevent unnecessary scares of our customers.

  • Driving an inappropriate-sized motorcycle

: People make mistakes by renting a bike that is heavier or larger than their weight or size. This causes severe accidents of people and can risk their lives. This is advisable that people should rent a bike as per their weight for safe riding.

  • Do not ride a motorcycle as per the driving guidelines

People find it a pleasure in overtaking from the wrong lane. This is a common mistake done by them and they need to ride a bike as per the driving guidelines to avoid fatal accidents.

  • Traveling with more than one passenger

This is an inescapable call to an accident if you are riding your bike with more than one passenger. Exceeded number of people on a bike will be avoided on road trips to remain safe.

  • Driving faster than the allowed limit

Bikers drive faster than the allowed limit as they feel freedom in this. But it puts the bikers into crashing at accident-prone areas. This needs to be avoided by them for their safety.

  • Riding a motorcycle through restricted areas

Sometimes, people ride through restricted areas like footpaths and sidewalks to reach their destination at the earliest. But this puts the lives of others in danger as footpaths and sidewalks are made for walking and bike riding. To avoid accidents, you should ride your motorcycle on the roads only.


Ever Green Travels provide a manual when its customers board its bikes for riding. All such motorcycle mistakes have been indicated in that manual to provide safe riding to its customers.


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