Insurance Policy

1. The user is eligible to claim insurance only if he/she has opted for insurance coverage at the time of possession of the vehicle.

2. For any damages incurred to the vehicle, the user will be held responsible for bearing all the charges up to 15,000/-.

3. For any damages incurred to the vehicle amounting more than 15,000, EGT vehicles will be insured, the user is eligible to claim insurance to cover the charges that imply. Any deficit amount outstanding at the end of claiming insurance and damage repairs will have to be completely borne by the user.

4. In this case the user has to pay the estimated repair cost + daily rent in advance, upon receiving claim amount the user will be reimbursed with the difference amount.

5. In any of the above cases the user has to pay daily rent to the downtime period of the vehicle which is a time period otherwise utilized by another EGT user.

6. EGT is at full liberty to inspect its assets before proceeding to claim insurance and its decision will be considered legitimate under all circumstances.

7. In case of a misfortunate incident involving a third party, he/she is covered under the insurance and will be eligible to claim an amount tentative to various factors such as lifestyle, tax returns, and rent etc.

8. By making the payment the user agrees to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.