Bike Rentals Terms and Conditions


The person renting the vehicle shall be considered as the user/Lessee whereas the person giving the vehicle for rent shall be considered as EGT/ Lessor and all transactions will be executed between the user and EGT.

Age Limit

The user’s age must be above 18 years. However, certain vehicles are provided at the minimum age of 21.

Documents Required

  1. The user must have a valid driving license issued by the Government of India.
  2. The user must scan his/her license (both sides) and upload it on the EGT website.
  3. The user must carry his/her original DL + Alternate ID & Address proof (documents issued by the Government of India such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, etc. will be considered as valid ID proof) at the time of possession of the vehicle.
  4. PAN card will not be accepted as address proof.
  5. If the user is unable to verify his/her identity, the booking will be considered void by EGT.
  6. If the user makes multiple bookings at the same time slot, an approved co-driver must be added to either of the bookings. 2 vehicles cannot be issued with 1 driving license.
  7. If available, the user can also provide Student ID/Employee ID/Business Card.
  8. If the user doesn’t have original documents (in case of soft copies) like DL/Aadhar the user will have to pay 2000/- extra security deposit.

Security Deposit

Security deposit is 1000/- for vehicles <=150CC, 2000/- for vehicles >150CC and 3000/- for cars and may vary depending upon the user’s profile which will be finalized by EGT. It will be refunded to the user after the trip ends. Security deposit is not included in the rent paid online, it has to be paid while possession of the vehicle.

Pickup Points

The user can take possession of the vehicle from the EGT store. However, EGT offers free pickup and delivery from the Railway Station and Bus Stand. Free pickup and delivery within 2KM radius from store. If the user opts to pickup and deliver from any other locations, a charge of 200/- (depending upon the distance) will be levied. Free or paid pickup and delivery depend upon the availability of the staff and 1-2 hrs prior intimation is required to pickup or deliver. Last minute rush will not be accepted in any scenario.

Rental Period

  1. Rent should be paid in advance and only paid bookings are confirmed.
  2. The rental period will be calculated from the time the user takes possession of the keys till they are returned to the EGT.
  3. Minimum booking duration is 24 hours. After daily rent hourly charge is applicable for <=5 hrs, after 5 hrs full day rent will be charged. On Fridays, Weekends, National Holidays and peak time, after <=1 hrs full day rent will be charged.


Fuel is not included in the rent. EGT provides minimum fuel to reach the nearest fuel station. In case there is excess fuel in the vehicle at the time of return, EGT is not liable for any refunds/reimbursements.

KM Limit

Each vehicle has KM limit and excess KMs are charged per KM basis which differs from one vehicle to another. KM limit and cost oer excess KM will be displayed while booking.

Before Starting the Trip

  1. The user is requested to take a test drive of the vehicle before starting the trip and check all functionality like brakes, tyres, etc. Report if any issues are found.
  2. The user must inspect the vehicle and take pics/video of the vehicle at the pickup point before starting the trip including odometer, fuel gauge and any visible damages. This is mandatory, failing which may result in dispute. After the trip ends, EGT requires a minimum of 15 minutes to inspect the vehicle, so please cooperate. Last minute rush will not be accepted in any scenario.
  3. EGT will provide the user 1 helmet with 1 vehicle; a pillion rider’s helmet will be charged 50/- per day.
  4. While picking up the vehicle if the user's profile is found to be suspicious/blacklisted/documents found to be forged the booking will be cancelled. No refund will be provided in such a case.
  5. In case if the person who booked the vehicle is not available and someone else wants to pick up the vehicle, EGT requires an email from the authorised person and the person picking up the vehicle should have a valid driving license. No DL no vehicle will be given, the booking will be cancelled, and no refund will be given.
  6. While returning the vehicle if the user is not available the person delivering the vehicle should produce their DL and Aadhar card if required.

Late Hours & Booking Extensions

  1. If the user wants to extend the booking, user must call EGT before 4 hours from trip end time to check the availability, if available the user must pay the rent immediately, then the booking can be extended or else the user must return the vehicle at the mentioned trip end time, failing which will cost the user 200% of the daily rent.
  2. Authorised extension charges are 50/hr for <=150CC vehicles, 100/hr for >150CC vehicles.
  3. Failing to pay the extension amount in advance or failing to communicate about the extension will be considered as unauthorised extension and the user will be charged 200% of the rent amount.
  4. If there is no communication from the user after 5 hours from the trip end time, local authorities will be informed, and legal action will be taken against the user.
  5. The user is requested to deliver the vehicle before 30 min from trip end time. If there is a delay in delivering the vehicle, a 30 min grace period is acceptable.
  6. Extension is allowed for a maximum of 15 days, after 15 days the vehicle has to come to EGT for inspection. For monthly bookings inspection will be done for every 28 days.
  7. EGT is open from 05:00 to 21:00, pickups and deliveries will only be allowed during this period. Pickups and deliveries out of working hours will not be entertained. In case if the vehicle is delivered after 21:00 due to any reason the user will have to pay 200/- fine and the fine may increase depending upon the severity of the scenario & time of delivery.


  1. If the user cancels a booking >=48 hours 50% refund will be given and no refund if cancels <48 hours.
  2. If the booking is cancelled by EGT due to any booking issues, technical error, non-availability of the vehicle, 100% full refund will be given.
  3. If a booked vehicle is not available due to any reason, EGT will provide an alternate vehicle or refund.
  4. EGT has the right to cancel any booking at any time without giving any reason or prior notice to the user.
  5. Postponement/preponement of the booking is subject to availability no refund will be provided in such cases.
  6. All refunds will be processed in 5-7 days.
  7. No cancellation/refund after the trip starts.


  1. The speed limit is 60 KMPH for <=150CC vehicles and 80 KMPH for >150CC vehicles or speed limit specified by the governing authority, whichever is lesser. Over speeding fine of 200/- is applicable for each instance of overspeeding. This is exclusive of any other fines applied by the governing authority. However, after the third instance, booking will stand cancelled and EGT will have the right to take back the vehicle and terminate the booking.
  2. If the user is found to misuse the vehicle or not abide by the traffic rules drink and drive, triple riding, rash driving, etc. EGT has the right to cancel the booking and retrieve the vehicle. Triple riding fine 1000/- from EGT. Drink and drive fine 10000/- from EGT.
  3. If the helmet is broken/damaged/missing the user has to pay 800/- (may increase depending upon helmet) for replacement. If the helmet visor is broken/damaged the user has to pay 200/- for visor replacement.
  4. Number plate damage 500/-.
  5. If the user damages or misplaces any attachment or accessory provided with the vehicle, EGT reserves the right to charge the appropriate amount from the user. This also applies to EGT branding on the vehicle.
  6. Going outstation (>30 KMs Radius) without intimation/permission fine 5000/-.
  7. If the Keys are lost, the user will have to pay lockset replacement charges.


  1. In case of damage (accident or self-damage) the user must inform EGT immediately and should not drive the vehicle further and come to EGT. A repair estimate will be provided. If the estimate is below 15,000/- the user must bear the entire amount while returning the vehicle and daily rentals will be added to its downtime. However, in case the estimated amount surpasses 15,000/- insurance will be claimed against the vehicle. The user is liable to pay the estimated amount upfront, once the insurance amount is received, daily rentals will be added to its downtime and the differential amount will be refunded to the user.
  2. At times of heavy rains and floods, the user is advised to park the vehicle in a safe location. All damages incurred, irrespective of the cause, must be paid by the user.
  3. Insurance provided as a part of the service/product by EGT shall be based on the terms and conditions of the insuring company. The user should contact the insurance company directly for any claim/s or dispute/s which may arise out of such insurance cover. EGT shall not provide any express or implied undertakings for acceptance of the claims by the insurance company. 
  4. If the user allows any other driver under the age of 18 years to drive the rented vehicle, the user will be fully responsible for all expenses relating to the rented vehicle and other vehicle involved in an accident.
  5. The user should not change or remove any spare parts. In case of emergency, the user should inform EGT and act as per advice. If done without EGT’s approval the user will be charged a penalty of 5000/- over and above the cost of spare parts.
  6. The user must pay vehicle downtime charges i.e., daily rent while the vehicle is being repaired.
  7. The user must pay 500/- for each minor scratch (doesn’t need painting) and 800/- for each major scratch (needs painting, 300/- for denting and 500/- for painting). This may increase depending upon the damage and number of parts.
  8. EGT does not permit the user to take on board objectionable items such as weapons/any sharp objects/heavy luggage which may spoil or cause damage to the upholstery or the exterior of the vehicle. It is a passenger vehicle and should only be used for the commute of passengers.

License Validation

  1. EGT does not allow multiple accounts having the same license. In such cases, EGT reserves the right to cancel the booking. Additionally, on account of user behaviour, EGT can block certain licenses from booking. If a blocked user is found to have made a booking, the booking will be cancelled. All cancellation charges will apply.
  2. A user can be blocked in event of any criteria below:
  3. Over speeding above specified limit.
  4. More than 3 instances of minor damages.
  5. Drunk driving case.
  6. Payment Dues.
  7. Total loss to the vehicle.
  8. Major damage more than once.

Terms of Use

  1. The user must not drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol/drugs. If found doing so, the user shall be produced in court.
  2. The vehicle shall be utilised for personal use and not commercial use.
  3. The vehicle shall not be sublet (renting the rented vehicle to someone else).
  4. The vehicle shall not be used for any race or competition.
  5. The vehicle shall not be used for any illegal purpose.
  6. The user shall not operate the vehicle in a negligent manner.
  7. The rented vehicle shall not be operated by any other person other than the user without the written permission from EGT.
  8. The user is liable to pay any traffic violation tickets received during their trip. Sometimes traffic tickets are delayed by the police department and may result in uploading the ticket after the trip ends, in such cases the user will be intimated about the ticket and the user has to pay the amount within 24 hours of intimation. Legal action will be taken against defaulters.
  9. The user shall pay the vehicle rent as per the applicable rates and payment schedules mentioned at the time of booking. The user shall also pay parking charges, toll-charges, service tax, state tax and any other fee or levy presently payable or imposed hereinafter under applicable law/s for availing the vehicle rental services.
  10. In case of any tyre damage resulting from driving in bad terrain and continued driving in case of tyre puncture, The user will be charged for the cost of tyre on actuals.
  11. In case of tyre puncture or break down due to improper usage the user has to bear the towing charges and repair cost. In case of mechanical or technical (major) failure EGT will take care of the towing charges and repair cost. EGT will try to provide alternate vehicle and if failed to provide alternate vehicle 50% of the booking amount will be refunded. EGT will try to provide a technician depending upon the availability if the vehicle is within 10 KM radius of EGT. NO RSA (Road Side Assistance) the user should understand that these are rented vehicles which are used by hundreds of people and opening and checking the engine/clutch after every trip is impossible.
  12. In the event of clutch plates/chain sprockets damage, the user will be liable to pay for the damage cost. These parts get damaged immediately if the clutch is pressed partially. Behaviour of the clutch plates/chain sprockets can be identified during test drive which the user can report if found to be faulty.
  13. The user should take full responsibility for their luggage/belongings. In case of any loss during the journey, EGT shall not be held responsible for such loss or damage.
  14. The user is not allowed to tamper the odometer, GPS device and in-vehicle technology devices. The user must pay a penalty of 5000/- and over in addition to the actual cost of the device.
  15. If fake and tampered personal documents are produced, the user will be charged a penalty of 5000/- if found guilty. Legal action will be taken against the user. Booking will be cancelled.
  16. The user is not allowed to drive the vehicle into unauthorized or government banned areas. The user must pay a penalty 10,000/- if the vehicle trespasses into banned areas, naxal hit areas, international border of the Republic of India and extreme end of Ladakh.
  17. The user is not allowed to use the vehicles out of the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  18. The user is allowed to go in and around Visakhapatnam and tourist places like Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Araku, Vanjangi and Lambasingi. The user must specify the place of usage at the time of possession of the vehicle. EGT reserves the right to cancel the booking if the place of usage is not as mentioned or out of the above mentioned places or suspicious.
  19. All our vehicles have GPS devices installed with an ignition relay/cut off. The user should not have any objection as EGT monitors the location of the vehicle during the trip. If the user is found not to abide by the rules/T&C mentioned in this agreement EGT will cut off the ignition and retrieve the vehicle without any prior intimation and the booking will stand cancelled.
  20. The user must pay all dues i.e., for extra KMs or any other reason at the end of the trip. The user will not be allowed to leave the premises without making the payment. In case of emergency the user has to deposit his/her valuables like phones, laptop, gold, etc. collateral and can leave the premises to arrange the payment amount. The user must sign a declaration in such a case.
  21. If the user is unable to settle the dues at that time and if EGT approves, then the user will have to give a signed Cheque and declaration to EGT promising to settle the dues and leave the original documents of license, government ID, etc. as surety. The documents can be collected by the user from EGT once dues have been settled.
  22. In case of any dispute, our decision will be considered as final. If the user is not happy with the resolution the dispute shall be referred to courts of Visakhapatnam, who shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matters which may be instituted before any court of law, arising from the use of the services offered by us.
  23. In the event of a user having any penalties/dues outstanding with EGT, EGT reserves the right to charge reminder fees and default interest. EGT also reserves the right to utilize third parties for the recovery of dues from a user.
  24. EGT reserves the right to prohibit a user from booking any rides until all dues associated with the user account have been paid to EGT in full.
  25. If found to be guilty and miss to adhere above T&C. The user’s profile & photo will be blacklisted and shared anywhere.
  26. If any of the terms and conditions are violated the security deposit will be forfeited and above mentioned fines are to be paid separately.
  27. By making the payment the user agrees to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.



  1. Fuel is included in the rent.
  2. Driver allowance 200/day which is not included in the rent. It has to be paid to the driver directly.
  3. Tolls, Permits, Parking & Entry Fees to be paid by the user.
  4. Vehicle decoration charges extra.
  5. Every extra Hr includes 10 KMs.
  6. Hill charge for Kailasagiri, Simhachalam, Ramanaidu, Thotlakonda, Yarada, Three Temple, etc.
  7. For dropping KMs and toll charges will be calculated for up and down.
  8. KMs and Hrs will be calculated from travel to travel.
  9. Please take care of your luggage / belongings. EGT is not responsible for any loss.
  10. Standby AC/Idling AC will charge extra. * No AC in ghat road even though you book an AC Vehicle.
  11. Peak time charges may vary.
  12. EGT has separate packages for tourist places which includes all. For details contact us.
  13. By making the payment the user agrees to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.